Definite abuse of animated gifs

… but here’s how I work one entire repeat, line by line. crimson-1repeat


Playing with the progress shots

I’ve been taking pictures of the Crimson Cushion fairly frequently – in fact every time I finish one motif thing I try to take a picture. It was Edricus’ idea to take pictures and animate them to display the progress. This is the progress up to today:


Crimson silk cushion – update

wpid-20150118_194458.jpgI think I’ve named the latest embroidery project “the crimson cushion” because of the red silk background. So anyway, I’ve been working diligently at it ever since I started, and this is the state of the work this evening. The height is 23 cm and with these four repeats it is about 9 cm wide. I want it to be about 40 cm so that’s at least 12 columns more I have to do.