Week 2 2017 – crafts update

So in order to keep track of things, here’s a post of what I did this week, crafts wise.

In preparation for sewing circle I ripped out the skirt and sleeves of my unfinished Spanish late 15th C gown. The plan was to get it re-fitted and measure out where to set in the skirt, which I got help with by Helwig. The skirt is not re-attached by hand – whipstitching it with buttonhole silk.

I’ve also continued hemming my wool Roman gown. It’s not a big task, it’s not a difficult task, but it’s slow going because I sew with wool using a reproduction brass needle. It’s lovely and tactile to work with, but I have to go carefully.

In other new, I’ve been talking to my household and working on a household badge (Per pale indented sable semy of seeblatts inverted argent and vert mullety argent), which I sent in to Edelweiss today. Hopefully it will go through without problem, as I asked Anna de Byxe to check it for me to start.

Entirely modern, I finally stitched on reflexive tape on windbreaker bottoms. I use the flexy reflective armbands on my arms, but they’re too small to fit around my windbreaker bottoms, so I’ve been planning to sew on a strip of reflex tape there for ages. This week I remembered it, when I was in town, with time to look for it in the fabric store, and I put it on the leg by machine.


A new Year, a new Goal?

wpid-2014-11-05-08.24.07.png.pngThe last couple of years I have not really used livejournal to track projects, nor have I been using this blog very much, which means that my old tradition of listing the items I finished during a year has also lapsed. I am a little sad about that. But I could only do the yearly summation because I had been keeping good records throughout the year.

So for 2017, I will try to update more, use this blog as a place for the updates, and create static pages as needed for finished items and new projects. For example a page about embroidered cushions could be fun, seeing as I have made three during the last year and am working on a fourth.

I’ve done a bunch of small and large giftbasket items. My own giftbasket for me to give to friends. I’ve done a few scrolls, but forgot to take pictures of them all during the  year. I also haven’t really taken photos at events during the past year.

I also have three or four bins of un-finished projects that are somewhere in the stage of just started, to halfway done, to nearly finished, I’m sure if I picked them up I could rack up a long list of finished and useful items.

One thing which I want to make is a basic black kirtle for my 16th Century wardrobe. I have two outer-layer black gowns, but not a kirtle, and at Coronation this past weekend I really could have used one. The basic little black dress that can become anything. I also noted that the chemise I pulled out to use this weekend was made ten years ago. I like that I have stitched my maker’s mark and year of production into most of the linen items I have produced, and I shall try to continue doing that on other projects as well.

So, my new goal for this blog, is to update weekly with progress, pictures and ponderings.

p.s. Long live King William and Queen Isabetta!

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