Tiny token

On Sunday I finished the drawn thread hemstitch on a tiny napkin which I had as a leftover from a handwoven linen. The hems are tiny, unnecessarily tiny, but look pretty, and they make pretty handy little tear-blotters for SCA court.

I have made one for myself previously, and this second one I thought I could make into a token I can give away, so I transferred my badge as an outline which I stitched in stemstitch in green silk. I’ve just washed the napkin with the outlines all embroidered. I am pondering if I should leave it as is, or filll in the circle that rings the seeblatt with a plaited braid stitch in either silk or metal thread.

Pros to metal thread: Looks blingy.

Cons: Not so good for blotting off tears on account of being scratchy.

Pro for leaving it as is: Finished!

Con: Not as blingy as filling the circle with some form of plaited braid stitch in silk. My device is black, green and white. The outlines on the napkin are green. Should I then do the filling in black on the white linen? Or fill with green?

I think in the end, I will leave it as just outlines, and possibly add some text to indicate when and where it was given and by whom.