Klosterstitch – the reveal

I posted before about the lesson learned about Klosterstitch. For me it was that I have to draw the pattern to follow on the ground fabric in order to make it even. I couldn’t post a picture of this before, as the piece I was working on was a surprise and a gift, but since it has now been given I can show you what I mean.

The image here shows the shield half done, the first half I did without the diagonals, and it worked for a bit, but ended up crooked in the end.

I started with the vertical lines drawn in, to help me guide where to lay the threads across the surface. With the needle I came up from the bottom and laid the threads towards the top, then came up again next to the laid thread to couch it down at regular intervals – these intervals were what I needed more guidance with, so ended up drawing in the diagonals to create a grid.
Margaret's cloth - reverseIn this image you can clearly see that the right side of the shield is much more even than the left side, when I had not drawn in the diagonals. The reverse (below) also shows how I didn’t quite manage to keep things even without the gridlines on the fabric.


Lesson about cloister stitch…

In order for me to make cloister stitch neat looking I need gridlines.

I first drew up just the directional lines to keep my laid threads in the same direction throughout. Then I found that in order to not have to turn the piece over every couching stitch I have to add lines for those as well. So basically I drew directly on the background fabric and follow those lines. Speeds up the stitching considerably and helps keep things even very nicely.

A proper attempt at klosterstitch

So the last time I tried cloister stitch (or klosterstitch) I used wool.  This time I am working with silk. The method is to lay one long strand across the background and then couch it down on the return journey following the twist of the thread. I am hoping that this will be prettier than my last attempt.


Cloisterstitch in silk

I am also doing some chain stitch on the same piece. It’s turning out nice. The full effect to be revealed in a month or so :)