Spring Crown and new dress

I went to Polderslot, the shire in The Netherlands, to attend Drachenwald Spring Crown Tourney and see Margaret de Mey be elevated as a Pelican. I brought only one outfit, my new black wool dress, which worked very well for all occasions. It is, however, much bigger than it needs to be. On the other hand, I was entirely unhindered and very comfortable all weekend. This will be my new slacking gown!

On Friday I wore just my Laurel coif, a shirt, and the dress, plus Eleonora stockings and the shoes. On Saturday during the day I wore my plain white linen coif and forehead cloth, plus French Hood veil with billiments, plus my suite of ruffs, the dress, the Eleonora stockings and the shoes and half-gloves. It worked beautifully, and the gloves were perfect to keep my hands warm and still let me use the camera unhindered. The stockings were a little warm, the shoes very comfortable and pretty. The veil I had help to get it pinned up to not pull everything back off my head. It anchored very well into the braids at the top of the head. The suite of ruffs, however, were much too weakly starched and wilted during the course of the day. They ended up looking more Dutch than English. Although considering where we were, I suppose that can be explained as following the local custom :)

I did get a fashion shot taken, which I will post when I have emptied out the camera.