Cudgel War – the long exhale

Ever since Geiri and Drake talked about going to Cudgel war a long time ago, at the beginning of the Aarnimetsä ten-day camping event, I knew it was an event I wanted to go to, eventually. Once I finally made it over there for the first time, two years ago I knew for certain I needed to come back the following year, and this year as well. Now having been there three times both me and Edricus agree that it is one of the best times one can have in the Current Middle Ages in Drachenwald.

It is basically one long exercise in relaxation – the schedule is well-spaced out, the surrounding is beautiful, the food is superlative, and the company is splendid. Even when it rains a bit, like it did this year, we could sit comfortable in our cabing sewing, chatting, nibbling snacks and sipping drinks. If we had had our tent with us we’d be sitting in our tent doing likewise.

And really, the sauna and the lake is perfect. I swam out to Monkey Island and back again this year. I think it’s becoming a tradition. It was only warm enough to do it once though.

There is a good amount of things to do if you want to, and I’ve so far always taught at least one class during the week. This year we also had a Laurels Prize Display there for the second time (the fourth overall, counting the two we’ve also put on at Double Wars) and it’s great to see what people are working on and talking to the artisans about their stuff. Last year we used the loft, which is big and airy, but has no light. This year we were in the lunch room with was big enough, and plenty of light, but had no air in it by the end. I was very glad to be able to step outside for a minute to gulp down some water and fresh air at the same time. Last year the display had eleven people, this year there were nine. The Prize I gave out this year was a few rings from my fingers, plus tokens for everyone. Although I had forgotten my proper tokens at home I quickly whipped up some little pouchelets with candy. It doesn’t have to be big, or gaudy, or expensive to leave a little gift of appreciation.

It was all in all, a splendid event, very relaxing, and I can’t wait to go back to Aarnimetsä, and Nuijasota.

There was also other things happening there, among them some good talks with Silwa – both of us agreed that we would like to continue our relationship and continue to be Laurel/Apprentice. Officially the one year trial period ends in October – but hopefully neither of us are fickle enough to change our minds before then. There may be more news soon as well, but that’s for another time.

Cudgel and Visby Medieval Week post mortems

The three biggest event of the year are over, Double Wars, Cudgel and the Camp at Visby Medieval Week. Double Wars went great, and the bleh I felt right before it turned into awesomeness and inspiration directly after. The hype was great before Cudgel and I spent it exactly as I wanted, doing not much at all, trying out the horned headdress styles seen in early 1400s art, and witnessing Lady Sahra becoming Mistress Sahra, and in general ambling about being relaxed and hanging out with cool people and eating awesome food all week long.

Before Visby I had again started to feel a bit blah, but the only thing fixed on the Visby schedule was to talk for 15 minutes in my speed lecture (how to analyze and learn a new calligraphy style) on Wednesday at 1 pm. The rest of the time there was slacking, more slacking, slowly walking around the market and town, socializing and snoozing. The food was not as regular and awesome as at Cudgel, where we paid for it beforehand, and having to pack up on Friday and leave in the middle of the night sort of sucked.

Visby ferry in the middle of the night - misery

Visby ferry in the middle of the night – misery

The weather was pretty spectacular (although entirely too hot) and our camp beds are so comfortable I didn’t even miss my own bed at home. However, I am now feeling anti-social in general and will probably need to isolate myself for a few weeks to re-charge.

I had nothing I wanted to purchase at the market, which is Sweden’s largest medieval market and attracts some really cool merchants, but I ended up buying:

  • one new silver ring, set with a square onyx
  • Visby purchase of fabricone metre of a green goose-eye twill for a blingy hood
  • some blue linen to make a heat-wave kirtle out of
  • one stoneware plate (and one for Ed)
  • one charm-hanger in pewter and
  • one black plastic mug (and one for Ed), practical as travel feast gear we hope

We also spent quite a bit of time, on Friday and Saturday dreaming and planning our next tent, how to furnish it etc, etc. Right now, we’re dragging the entire encampment down with our crappy set-up, which makes it less fun to go.

I did bring my camera to Cudgel War, but have not yet edited the photos, but I didn’t bring it to Visby, because we had very limited space. I did take a few shots with my mobile phone, but they’re nothing to write home about.

The next event I’ve planned on going to is October Crown, and I’m not sure about that. Maybe cozy A&S event in Gyllengran (Glöta Gillet) if it’s got a fun theme.