New photo album

I went to Aarnimetsä to see the Crown Tourney, and Vilhelm sit vigil and be elevated to a Pelican in October. I finally managed to edit the photos I took, and they are now available on flickr: Enjoy.



The 1575 Gown – first finish

A couple of photos of the gown. I wore it outside with the partlet made for me by Countess Cecilia Jaeger, the half-gloves knitted for me by my mother, suite of ruffs and black velvet veil and billiments. Unfortunately you can’t see the fabulous shoes that I’m also wearing. It’s also clear from the photo that not ironing the front seam was a mistake on my part, which will be fixed for the second finish when I will adjust the length of the sleeves, and also add trim.

1575 Dress - first finish from the front 1575 gown First finish from the back