Crossing items off the checklist

  1. The tiny prize tokenĀ  I posted about earlier is now completely finished. Including the markings which makes it unique for this occasion.
  2. The decision has been made as to what items I am giving out as token-tokens during the Display at Double Wars.
  3. The cross-dressing party at Double Wars is now sorted as to what I’m wearing. It includes a silly hat.
  4. The belt which has been half-assembled for three or more years has today gotten the first round of belt mounts riveted on. By me. I need to drill through two more to make it twice as blingy, but I broke my drillbit. Bronze, it turns out, is a very hard metal.
  5. Class preparations for my double embroidery workshop at Double Wars is 3/4 sorted. The materials for both stitches have been assembled and prepared and one of the two handouts has been written up. The second handout I will have to do sometime in the week.
  6. A commission job, sewing for a growing boy, was also finished. Mostly machine made, but with some hand-finishing in the details. Delivered by proxy.

So that’s a full half dozen items to cross off the list. I’m feeling all efficient, and I credit it to pancake breakfast and delightful summer warmth.


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