The materials I use for my scribal projects are Windsor & Newton Designer Gouache paints, W & N Calligraphy Ink, Oak Gall Ink, Iron Gall Ink, Penmans ink and 23 ct gold leaf and transfer gold leaf for the flat gilding. Normal brushes in size 2 and down, and for calligraphy I use dip pens with metal nibs. Up until project 19 I was using standard water colour paper to draw on, but I have since bought another kind of parchment paper which is closer to parchment in feel and thickness – or rather thinness called Pergamenata.

Each image is a link to a page showing in-progress pictures or scans of that particular project or to a full-sized image of the finished project. Although I did not collect that much data on my first few attempts I have tried to do so on the later ones.

(April 2014) Yes, there is a gap of images for projects 45 through 52. I’m almost certain I have photos of everything, but I’m going to have to work some to retrieve them. The list of them all looks as follows:

60 = Calligraphy only, GB, Katarina från Eket
59a = Calligraphy only, AoA Thomas Gråskägg
59 = Written letters of invitation for Dragon's Fire Tourney
58 = Dragon's Tear Backlog for Genevieve
54 = Lindquistringe for Laszlo of Pecs
52 = Paint device on Siobhan's countess scroll
51 = PCS, Arenwald, Signe, Fredrick & Kristina
50 = CB/GoA clemens
49 = Callig, PCS, Titus Flavius nopic
48 =Callig, Hroald, nopic
47 = Prize Scroll, A&S Comp, Niamh
46 = Carrisma vom Berg, AoA
45 = Franck vom Berg, AoA
42 = Viscountess, Elizabeth
41 = Viscount, SvartulvR


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Project #77, Dragon’s Bowle for Aleydis van Vilvoorden

ill77_DB_aleydisHaving recently acquired some parchment from Lady Alfhild de Foxley I thought that a small letter type scroll for a good friend celebrating her attention to detail and a period presentation would be a perfect test for the product. Apparently I ended up writing on the wrong side, and despite preparing it with pounce there was some feathering around the ink as I wrote. It isn’t too bad, and I think the pounce helped. The initial M is inspired from one in the Macclesfield Model book, but I sketched in parts of a dragon and a bowl behind it in penwork, and instead of the more common grotesque face sprouting out from the side I opted for a fleur-de-lis to represent the Barony of Gotvik where Aleydis is currently serving as Baroness.

This award was given to Baroness Aleydis van Vilvoorden at Double Wars, May 6 as 51 (2016).

Project #65, Orden des Lindquistringe for Lady Isabetta del Verde

Lindquistringe, Isabetta del VerdeI have a small stash of good quality paper, and having found a lovely colourful but light original to be inspired by for my good friend and one-time apprentice sister Isabetta it was the perfect size for it as well. The original has a bathhouse babe in the initial, and I immediately knew I wanted to draw a portrait of her in her pink dress there. Everyone who saw me working on it recognized her at once, so that must be a good sign. In this I have also hidden a dragonfly (from her heraldry) and in the background I have written in gold “serviens” over her head, and “auxilio omnibus vivo” down her right side, as well as floral swirls. I had to go over the scrolling acanthus a number of times before I was fairly content with the shading, and had basically finished two thirds before I figure out how to do it properly, so had to do all of that over again. This was also a return to some blackletter, which was a little rough, and I can see my writing wave back and forth. Definitely needs more practice, but I’m quite happy with the rubric with the penwork details around each letter that spells out LINDQUISTRINGES.

This award was given Isabetta at Nordmark Midvinter and 30 Year Celebration, 20 December 2014.

Project #64, Order of Light for Lady Isabetta del Verde

Ljusordern Isabetta del VerdeWith slightly less time than ideal I got the assignment to make a scroll for a friend, for the Principality A&S award. Of course I wanted to do it, and having seen an awesome scroll by Mistress Bridget a few days before, I decided to gamble. This is the first time I’ve tried to do anything of this kind. It is inspired by a page from the Book of Hours for Engelbert of Nassau, made in the 1470s. It is very distinctive in that it is peacock feathers on a sepia background. I did this in nearly original size, a few milimeters off only, on real vellum. And since Isabetta loves green and purple and all things colourful I thought this was the perfect original to be inspired from for her. The text is in Latin, and about as short as can be: “Sueno et Ioanna, princeps et principessa Nordmarkensis, Isabetta del Verde salutationem. Offerimus admissionem im ordonis lucis Nordmarkensis. Datum 13 kal. Decembris anno societatis 49” courtesy of Countess Aryanhwy merch Catmael. I wanted the text to be in Latin, because it gives the right distribution of letters for this style of manuscript. Since it is a Nordmark award it would otherwise be in Swedish, which uses å ä and ö which always looks a little weird in an otherwise well executed block of text.

This award was given Isabetta at Luciafeast Baronial Investiture, December 2014.

Project #62 & #63, Court Barony for Alma van Hardewyk and Skafte Vaghorne

Court Barony, Alma van HardewykI got the assignment to make a pair of Court Barony scrolls from the Kingdom Signet, as is is traditional for couples who have ruled the Barony of Styringheim three times to receive permanent coronets, and title of Baron or Baroness. The pair in question, Alma and Skafte, are splendid people and I was delighted to take on the assigment. Since it is established custom, I suspected they knew and could inquire if they had any requests or wishes for their scrolls.
Court Barony, Skafte VaghorneThey responded with just the words I wanted to hear – they would prefer document style over book-illumination style scrolls, and they also requested I incorporate the Styringheim triskele somehow. I opted to include all three territorial arms on both documents, along with their own personal arms in the centre. On Alma’s scroll, the top border supports the Kingdom, Principality and Barony arms, while on Skafte’s scroll they trickle down the left-hand border. I planned the texts to start with A and S respectively for them, and if I could have made it look good would have put Skafte’s initial letter on the right hand side, so make them mirror images of each other. On Alma’s scroll I also threw in an extra triskelion on the sail on her boat. Both scroll boasts all of their previous awards, the full blazon of their arms, as well as fulsome greetings to all nobles of the known world in triplicate.
They coronets and awards were given to Skafte and Alma at Luciafeast Baronial Investiture, December 2014, and the scrolls handed over one week later at Nordmark’s 30 Year Celebration and Midwinter event in Holmrike.

Project #61, Lindquistringe for Lady Maerith aff Weselax

I took on this project so I would get back into working on scrolls so I decided to go with my favourite original, MS Digby 36 again, although I realize that I have highly customized the style to my own, and when I look at the original I have strayed a bit to fit my own notion of what it looks like. I had not really looked at it closely for a while, but I still like both versions. I tried to be a bit more naturalistic with the dragon in the initial letter M, but I’m not convinced it worked. I tried to shade it black, green and gold.

This award was given to Maerith at Crown Tourney, October 2014.

Project #57, Order of the Panache for Lady Catherine Weaver

This Panache scroll was made for a very talented lady in Insulae Draconis. I did not have very much time to spare, and I had not done anything for a while, so I decided to go with my most favourite original, MS Digby 36 and in the second initial I added the token of the Order. I rather like the effect. To completely finish the text I also went in and highlighted with red for all capital letters.

This award was given to Catherine at Crown Tourney, October 2013.

Project #56, Calligraphy only, Silver Guard for Erich Olovson Haane

The Nordmark Signet scribe had done a blank scroll with a dragon guarding a chest, and we got a call to make this martial award for Lord Erich. I added the calligraphy and it was given out in June 2013.



Project #55, Letter of Indulgence for Aros Pilgrimage

The finances of our shire had not been the best, and we were lacking 250 sek to make up for the banking fees, so for a bit of fun and fundraiser I decided that on the Pilgrimage we could sell letters of indulgence. Perfectly period practice! So I got hold of wording from John Tetzel and translated it, then we solicited voluntary payment for the event which was free and gave the letter to the highest bidder at the conclusion of the walk. Each 5 spänn gave you 1 day of respite.

This was presented to Viscount Bengt at Aros Pilgrimage in June 2013.

Project #53, Order of the Silver Guard for Lord Karl Alrune

This Silver Guard scroll was made for Lord Karl Alrune, and I decided that I wanted to be a bit adventurous, so decided to do two miniatures in the bottom, of the recipient bearing his Shire’s arms and the award badge with Albion. Lord Karl does both light and heavy combat so in the initial letter I chose to put two crossed swords over the Drachenwald hurst of trees.

This award was presented to Karl in November 2012.


Project #44, Order of Light for Lali Ingemarsdotter

My 44:th project:Lalis Order of Light award This was a blank scroll which just needed the text added. Although I felt the area for text was a little too large, so I went with a large illuminated initial, and the arms of Nordmark at the bottom. I did the calligraphy, and most of the painting, although Viscountess Ermingard helped with the whitework on the initial letter.

This award was presented to Lali at St Egon in April 2012.


Project #43, Court Barony and Grant of Arms for Felicitas Schwartzenbergin

My 43:rd project:Court Barony/Grant of Arms I was a little short on time for this commissioned scroll, so I chose my favourite style. On the last day of working with it, I also used up an entire sheet of gold leaf for the gilding, entirely due to stress. I do not recommend anyone to be in a hurry when laying gold. But I think the end result was worth it, and I did manage to finish it on time for it to be delivered upon Her Excellency’s stepping down. Unfortunately, the images I took of it were done in a hurry in bad lighting, so does not do the finished item justice. But there is an overall and a detail shot of the initial bearing the arms of the Barony of Gotvik and the baronial coronet. In the base of the page the three shields bears Felicitas’, Nordmark’s and Drachenwald’s arms respectively. I thought it was appropriate for a Grant of Arms scroll.

This award was presented to Her Excellency Felicitas at St Egon in March 2012.


Project 40, Order of the White Gate, Vita Portens Väktare for Stigot Eke av Haapsalu

My 40:th project: Vita Portens Väktare Another chance for me to use the Macclesfield Alphabet book and the period letter style, I chose to do Stigot’s Principality fighting award in this manner. This time including cutting the last bit of the paper to fold down, preventing any further text being added unlawfully after the signatures, and to attach a seal. Unfortunately, the Principality doesn’t have period seals handy, so there was some question about the format. I hope that it gets appended at some point in the future. Inside the initial A I sketched the image of the white stone gate which is the inspiration for the award token. I’m pleased with the subtle shading in white, and also the whitework on the red initial.

This award was presented to Stigot Eke af Haapsalu at Nordmark Coronet Tourney, March A.S. 46, 2012.


Project #39, Award of Arms for Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter

My 39:th project: AoA Having just made one version of the Fitzwilliam MS 25 I thought I could do a little better, and started a new Award of Arms for my good friend Lady Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter. She is the steadfast lady who for the last four years has picked me up from the train station and given me a ride to the Double Wars site. When she said she still did not have her AoA scroll I gladly took on the job. But it still took me half a year to finish it, and I forgot to take a picture of the finished item, so Elisabeth kindly sent me some she took herself. The whitework on the initial is a little uneven, but I was rather pleased with the penwork around it. As well as the penwork in red and blue in the border.

This award was presented to Lady Elisabeth at Midsummer Coronation 2009, and the scroll reached her in March 2012.


Project #38, Lindquistringe for Sofia da Negroponte

My 38:th project:O Lindquistringes Having no firm idea in mind I wanted to make this scroll quite simple, but pretty. This quite spare design fitted the brief, and I could add the wow factor with a gilded initial and a miniature there. This is based on an original from Delft ca 1470-80, in the Fitzwilliam Museum (MS 25) which is depicted on page 211 in my copy of the exhibition catalogue of “The Cambridge Illuminations“. Inside the Initial L there is the Lindquistringe device, a dragon in annulo holding a red gem. The lower border also has a little more illumination, and my maker’s mark hidden in the highlights of the gilded acanthus leaf. I liked the two-colour penwork borders elsewhere as well. I mixed the colours to a fairly runny consistency, and then used a nib pen to do them.

This award was presented to Sofia da Negroponte at Yuletide University, November AS 46 (2011).


Project #37, Silver Guard for Rakonczay Gergely

My 37:th project:Silver Guard award Having newly received the Macclesfield Alphabet book I put it to use for the second time on this Silver Guard Scroll. It is a fighting award, and I thought a no-frills award writ would suit. So I chose a nice letter P into which I could add some detail, like the Silver Guard dragon, without taking a massive amount of time, since I was busy with two other scrolls for the same event. As the scroll looked a little bare the way it was, and there was not much room for a dangling seal tab I also added the outlines of the Silver Guard dragon behind the text. It’s a subtle but fun detail.

This award was made for Civil War 2011, and was given to Rakonczay Gergely at Midsummer Coronation 2012 when the royals finally caught up to him.


Project #36, Order of Light for Sir George Fitzhume

My 36:th project:Order of Light Given not much time to finish a scroll and a number of other projects on the go as well, I decided yet again to re-visit my favourite MS for an Order of Light scroll. I had started a blank border, with the insignia of this order, and Nordmark’s arms in the borders. I wrote out the text, and finished the initial. I am pleased with how quickly I was able to sketch this up to the right style, and how much of it I did from memory. Less successful was the light green wash around the vines. I had not left it to dry quite long enough so the wash picked up some of the penwork ink. It stands out most where I accidentally let a drop of water fall just below the shield in the border.

This award was presented to Sir George Fitzhume at Civil War 2011.


Project #35, Most Valuable Fighter for Göna Kompaniet

My 35:th project:MVF Scroll The newly formed household of fighters around Viscount Bengt, Lord Stigot and Lord Erich called Gröna Komaniet wanted their first outing to be commemorated in some way, and Lord Stigot had the idea of voting a Most Valuable Fighter. I had the simultaneous idea of wanting to do some letter-style writs of various kinds, evidenced by project #34 below, so offered to write it up nicely. Stigot purchased a print from Baron Nicolas and gave me a text, which I wrote out. I also decided to do some ornamentation of the first initial D, to practice more penwork. I filled in the name on site, and the three founders of the Company signed their names to the bottom.

This scroll was given to Bulkur voted as MVF for Gröna Kompaniet at Civil War 2011.


Project #34, Nordmarks Carneol for Lord Edricus Filius Offaeus

My 34:th project:Carneol Getting this assignment meant I could totally try out some penwork detailing I have been wanting to do since I got the facsimile of The Macclesfield Alphabet Book. And I’ve also been wanting to do a letter-style scroll with a proper seal for someone who would appreciate the athenticity of that over the fancy of a book of hours style scroll. It worked out beautifully. I braided the cord myself using black, blue and white, and the Prince affixed the seal himself after I sent it to Their Highnesses. The Nordmark Carneol is given out to gentles who have embodied the spirit of the Dream, and is rarely given out in Nordmark these days.

This award was presented to Lord Edricus at Civil War 2011.


Project 33, Order of Light for Lady Sofia Olofsdotter

My 33:rd project:Order of Light award Being again endowed with a work-space and leisure to complete scrolls I started accepting assignments for the Principality in the fall of 2011. The first of the re-activation scrolls was an Order of Light (Principality A&S award) for a lady in Gotvik. She has a fairly non-descript name, but often goes around in viking clothing and does a lot of embroidery, so I chose a 13th Century Bible page as my inspiration, with a large initial I as the only illumination (Close-up detail). The original is folio 9r of the Krems Bible (Codex 1170 at the Vienna \D6NB), found on page 76 of “The Most Beautiful Bibles” published by Taschen.

This award was presented to Sofia Olofsdotter at October Crown Tourney 2011.


Project 32, Dragon’s Tear for Lord Edricus Filius Offaeus

Being given the assignment specifically for this award as it was to be presented to my Lord Edricus, who for the last four years has been very much involved with running the biggest event in Drachenwald I was obviously anxious to do a good job. Unfortunately due to a failure of the gold size the scroll that was signed and given out at Double Wars 2011 came back to me for a re-make. I am currently working on that (Oct 2011). The Dragon’s Tear is given to those individuals who have done exceptional work as event steward.

This award was presented to Lord Edricus Filius Offaeus at Double Wars 2011.


Project 31, Writ of Introduction for Antonio di Rienzo’s Scholar

My 31:st project:Write for Antonio Lord Antonio Di Rienzo, a fellow Brighthelm member asked me to write a letter of introduction for his scholar in order for her to enter into tournaments. He gave me the text and left me to do the design. I decided on a letter-style with a slightly blinged up initial and the rest just plain text, with a little bit of space at the bottom for his Signature. It was a perfect project for a few hours with a quill pen.

The scroll was finished in February 2011.


Project #30, Blank scroll for Drachenwald’s second Principality

My 30:th project: Blank scroll for the Principality of Insulae Draconis I originally wanted to finish this project in time for Insulae Draconis’ first Coronet Tourney, as in February of 2010 it became a full Principality. Unfortunately other things came in the way, and I decided to enter it in the blank scroll competition at Double Wars of the same year instead. I chose my favourite style, MS Digby 36, and produced a pretty border. To mark it out as a scroll for the Principality I added the I.D. arms in the initial M. The work was appreciated enough to win Queen’s choice at the competition at Double Wars, and immediately after the event shipped off to the Insulae Draconis signet scribe for use.

This scroll was donated to Insulae Draconis at Double Wars XXIII, May AS 45, CE 2010.


Project #29, Lindquistringe for Astridh Thorkilsdotter

My 29:th project:Lindquistringe award While at Double Wars I was approached to help out Their Majesties in need. One scroll that was meant to arrive on site had not, and they needed someone to do the calligraphy for a Lindquistringe. Luckily the Blank Scroll competition provided me with a lovely illuminated capital A to start from, in a style I could match, and I composed and wrote out the text for Lady Astridh Thorkilsdotter a few hours before court. The blank was made by Genevieve la flechiere, and came with complete documentation.

This award was presented to Lady Astridh at Double Wars XXIII, May 15th, AS 45 (2010).


Project #28, Nordmark Malachite for Baroness Estrid Salten-Sebestid

My 28:th project:Malachite Having myself received the Nordmark Malachite, I have to say that to date (March 2010), it is the award I most treasure, so getting to be involved in a small way when another worthy noble received her was a great honour. Unfortunately some logistical problems meant that the award could not be given out at the time it was first planned. I had to send on an un-illuminated texted document to the Princess, but the award was not given out, and it could not be altered to fit the new date, so I had to start over. Unfortunately this meant I did not have as much time as I would have wanted, and had to simplify the design considerably. In the initial G I painted what was supposed to be a choker necklace that she has made a few of lately, and in the border the Nordmark arms is almost surmounted by the Baroness’ coronet to signify that Estrid is the Baroness Nordmark. And in the bottom border I painted a green gem set in gold. Green being the colour of malachite. The idea was first to make a green and pink scroll, as it was meant to be finished for the Pink Challenge event, but in this re-design the blue colour is a little too present to really convey the sense of pink and green. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the results, and Estrid seemed to be too.

This award was presented to Baroness Estrid at Nordmark Coronet Tourney / Winter Games, March AS 44, CE 2010.


Project #27, Apprentice Indenture between myself and Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter

My 27:th project:Apprentice Indenture At Visby Medieval Week Helwig had asked me to be her apprentice, and I had accepted a green belt from her. However, I felt that the formalities were not all complete. I wanted an apprentice contract, in the form of a proper indenture. The word indenture comes from the form of the contract itself, being written out in duplicate on a single sheet of paper or parchment, and then cut apart in a zig-zag shape, this shape looks like teeth and in latin indenture means a set of teeth. Thus an indenture. Both parties must sign such a contract, and they were often also signed by witnesses. We wanted prominent witnesses, and the current crown and coronet provided us with perfect candidates. The sitting Queen being also a Laurel, and the sitting Prince of Nordmark a Knight whom we both like and respect.

This apprentice contract was signed and witnessed at Nordmark Civil War, by Queen Judith and Prince Franz.


Project #26, Lindquistringe for Sir Cormac Lawless O’Toole

My 26:th project:Lindquistringe At the same time as project #25 came this “companion” scroll for Yrla’s Lord and soon-to-be husband. Unfortunately there was no time to make a matching pair, but luckily Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter had a blank Lindquistringe scroll almost finished which I could bling up and write out. All I had to do was paint in the initial M, do the calligraphy and hand it over. Collaboration is a good thing.

This award was presented to Sir Cormac Lawless O’Toole at Nordmark Civil War, October AS 44, CE 2009.


Project #25, Lindquistringe for Viscountess Yrla Kristersdotter

My 25:th project:Lindquistringe Taking on an assignment at the last minute is usually a recipy for a poor scribal effort. But since I have my special favourite manuscript, Digby 36, dialed up at the Bodleian Library I can always produce a pretty thing fairly quickly. The problem would be that I don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over. Anyway, the Orden des Lindquistringe is the Drachenwald Service award, and its symbol is a dragon in ring shape, holding a red gem in its mouth, so at the bottom of the text I went ahead and added that for some extra goldy bling.

This award was presented to Yrla Kristersdotter at Nordmark Civil War, October AS 44, CE 2009.


Project #24, Laurel Scroll for Helwig Ulfsdotter

My 24:th project:Order of the Laurel Although this scroll is not yet finished, I have yet to do the illumination, the text was done and the scroll signed at Helwig’s elevation to the Laurel. It is my first piece done on proper vellum, and I am right now a little intimidated by it. Altough writing it out went much smoother than I might have expected.

This award was presented to Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter at Midsummer Coronation in Holmrike, AS 44, CE 2009.


Project #23, Award of Arms for Niamh of Gisburne

My 23:rd project:AoA It is always fun to do scrolls for people you know, and Niamh is a fairly new member who has been making an effort to show up to sewing circles and scribal nights, despite living quite far away from Aros. She also has plenty of enthusiasm to share. For her Award of Arms I went with a fairly simple, but pretty frame, which I copied from a postcard I had gotten from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In the initial sketch you can see a corner of said postcard. Niamh was quite surprised to be receiving an award, but as luck would have it she wore her fancy new 1590s Elizabethan gown for the occasion and looked suitably surprised and pleased. Inside the roundel in the middle of the left hand border I incorporated a rearing horse in the shading, to symbolise her connection to horses.

This scroll was presented to Niamh of Gisburne at Double Wars XXII, AS 44, CE 2009.


Project #22, Golden Ribbon Award for Viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter

My 22nd project:Golden Ribbon award This Pricinpality level Service award was especially fun for me to do as it was going to my good friend Filippa. I did not, however, have very much time to do the scroll, so once again I had it written out and gilded, but not painted, when it was signed and shown to the recipient at the Winter Games. I then had arranged for the scroll to be returned to me for finishing, as I knew Filippa was going to come visit me not long after. I am particularily pleased with the historiated initial, showing my version of her presenting the Prince and Princess with the Nordmark Mead at Visby last year.

This award was presented to Filippa Birgersdotter at Winter Games A.S. 43.


Project #21, Queen’s Order of Courtesy for Trinite Ducalon

My 21st project:Queen's Order of Courtesy Being that Lady Trinite Ducalon gave me this assignment as Signet Scribe for Drachenwald, some subterfuge was necessary. I was only given the award name to start with, and when Queen Fiona got the information that I was the scribe she contacted me privately with the name. Lady Trinite herself was given a false name to pass on to me, so she would not suspect that it was in reality for her. I chose again the same style as I used in projects #17 and #18, because I thought it would be pretty.

This award was presented to Trinite at 12th Night Coronation A.S. 43. The scroll was given unfinished, but subsequently finished and given back to Trinite at the following Spring Crown Tourney.


Project #20, Sigillum Regis for Sir Gerhardt von Wüstenburg

My 20th project: Sigillum Regis Having just met the good gentle at the Civil War event I was quite pleased to be given this assignment, and set to work with the intention of somehow incorporating a miniature of him in the scroll. I did some research on Sir Gerhardt and found his arms to incorporate in the lower border, and the proper spelling of his name (I hope), and found a style of scroll I thought would look good. It had room in an initial for a miniature and I managed to work the text such that the initial is the first letter of HRM Maximilian’s name. Perfect setting for a king enthroned and a vassal receiving a gift.

This award was presented to Sir Gerhardt at Kingdom Coronation, June 9 AS 42 (2007). The scroll was there, but was not handed out due to a misunderstanding.


Project #19, An Award of Arms for Ygraine

My 19th project: An AoA The assignment was to create an Award of Arms scroll for Ygraine for Twelfth Night AS 41, which I managed with not a minute to spare. Unfortunately the good lady was not at that event so the delivery was somewhat delayed, and she was made a Lady on March 17th of the same year instead. The scroll is done in the Italian White Vine style, using gold leaf, gouache paints and W&N ink for the calligraphy. In the border at the bottom I incorporated a few personalized touches: a stand with a sheet music on it to represent her singing and a quill and ink bottle for her recent experiments with the scribal arts.

This Award of Arms was presented to Lady Ygraine of Warham at Saturday Night Fever, March 17, AS 41 (2007).


Projects #17 & #18, Kingdom A&S and Service Award Scrolls

My 17th project: a Drachenwald Arts and Science award scrollMy 18th project: a Drachenwald Service award scroll Getting a couple of assignments (on October 22nd 2006) to finish before Kingdom University on November 11, I panicked just a little bit. I had already started on two blanks, one inspired by a mid 15th Century manuscript, and the other as an Italian renaissance white-vine scroll. I had help with the calligraphy on the first one, Lady Signe Scriffuerska wrote that out for me in a beautiful simplified batarde hand. Then I looked a little closer at the second person’s period and decided that they did not really want an Italian white-vine scroll, so I started over with a new sketch inspired by the same manuscript as #17, this time I did the calligraphy myself and finished both scrolls in one week.

The Panache for Katherina Mornewegh and Lindquistring for Carolin von Adlersberg were given out to their respective recipients at Kingdom University 2006.


Project #16, Adding Calligraphy to a Scroll

My 16th project: a Nordmark Fighting Award scroll During Visby tentcamp I was roped in to a day of scribal first aid. There was a scroll already beautifully painted by Lady Lunetta Scharnweber, incorporating the recipient in a most distinctive tunic and herself with a well-known hairdo and dress in the picture. All I needed to do was write out the award text and this Guardian of the White Portal award was finished. Not a big job, but at least I had a hand in it. The Award was announced in court at Double Wars this year, the scroll was finished at Visby and handed out in court at Civil War.

This scroll was presented to Lord Atli at the Nordmark Civil War event 2006.


Project #15, Order of Light Award scroll

My 15th project: a Nordmark Arts and Science award scroll Assigned a commission for an Order of Light scroll (Nordmark A&S award) I started this project in February 2006. To my shame I did not finish it in time for it to be handed to the recipient at the time the award was given out in court (at Vinterspelen, March 4 2006) by William and Filippa. The design is based on an Italian white-vine manuscript from the 3rd quarter of the 15th Century. Because I wanted the script to be as accurate as possible, I asked Myra Lea to do the calligraphy and I did the illumination on this scroll.

This Order of Light scroll was sent to Lady Elisiv Järnnäve in October, 2006.


Project #14, Golden Ribbon Award scroll

My 14th project: a Nordmark service award scroll Taking on a backlog scroll once more I was tasked to create an award scroll for Lady Ælfwynne’s Golden Ribbon award, being the AoA level service award for Nordmark. She was given the award in June 2005 (AS XL), by William and Filippa, and I was pleased to be able to finish it with personalized touches for the still reigning William and Filippa to present the scroll to the worthy lady at Nordmark University II in January 2006. The design is based on an English missal made around 1425-1430.

This Golden Ribbon scroll was presented to Lady Ælfwynne on January 28th, AS 40 (CE 2006).


Illumination, the thirteenth

My 13th project: a model leaf Wanting a small piece to show people what the process is when making an illuminated page I cast about for suitable short bits of text and settled on the prologue to the Canterbury Tales. For the six stages of illuminating a normal page I chose the introductions to six of the characters, wrote out the text and then did my step-by-step illumination on the initials. This shows on a small scale, but rather effectively, how you progress from pencil sketch to finished piece.


Illumination, the twelfth

My 12th scroll, finished: Sten Stensson AoA A case of emergency scrolling; this was an assignment I agreed to help with while at the event of Visby Medieval week. My resources therefore, were limited to what I could come up with out of my head using the water colour paints to hand. Viscountess Helwig Ulfsdotter did the calligraphy while I finished the illumination without any major slip-ups. I can at least say the recipient seemed pleased to get it.

This Award of Arms scroll was presented to Sten Stensson on August 12th, AS 40 (CE 2005).


Illumination, the eleventh

My 11th scroll, finished: Jorunn Geirsdotter AoA A scant couple of weeks before Double Wars I was given a scroll assignment to finish for presenting at court at the event. I therefore looked in my bookmarks for a simple but pretty style and found a Dutch Book of Hours at the Bodleian Library which suited the purposes. The original is from around 1420-30 and the individual leaves, while small, suit AoA purposes perfectly.

This Award of Arms scroll was presented to Jorunn Geirsdotter on May 5th (I think), AS 40 (CE 2005).

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the tenth

My 10th scroll, finished: Sophia Eriksdotter AoA I found an image on my harddrive excellently suitable for a scroll, taken from the University of Salzburg (MS 23, fol 167r) it was pretty and I could get to work sketching it out. The border is floral, but not cluttered, and the scrolling, open acanthus leaves wreath along the length of the vine quite prettily. The original is from the third quarter of the 14th Century, which should fit into the recipient’s persona.

This Award of Arms scroll was presented to Sophia Eriksdotter on January 29th, AS 39 (CE 2005).

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the ninth

My ninth scroll, finished: Yrsa Grimsdotter AoA I found an image on my harddrive excellently suitable for a scroll original so when given an assignment by my Princess I could get to work straight away. The original page is folio 14 verso from a manuscript called the Alphonso Psalter produced around the year 1316, kept at the British Library (Additonal MS 24686).

This Award of Arms scroll was presented to Yrsa Grimsdotter on March 3rd, AS 38 (CE 2004).

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the eighth

My eighth scroll, Finished Before deciding which period original to start from this time I looked through loads and loads of manuscript pages. I’ve probably wasted more time on Library sites throughout the world than I should, but who can resist? The original (~660 kB) I found for this, my eight scroll, suitable for an AoA blank, was one from 1390. Taken from the British Library the Yates Thompson 24 record, folio 2 to be exact.

This Award of Arms scroll was presented to Tor of Viterheim on August 21st, AS 39 (CE 2004).

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the seventh

My seventh scroll, finished! When I finished my fifth scroll with the white-vine I was not entirely happy with the vines so I thought I would give it another go. This time with the colour original I had found.

This Award of Arms scroll was given to Cristina Stolte on September 27th, AS 38 (CE 2003).

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the sixth

My sixth scroll, finished My second assignment to make a scroll is now premiered. The name of the receiver bears some affinity towards dragons so I looked for a scroll with some sort of dragon on it. I found one from a Psalter finished in the mid 13th century in Paris.

This Award of Arms was given to Erik Drake on May 10th, AS 38 (CE 2003)

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the fifth

My fifth scroll, finished Starting spring term 2003 also saw the beginning of my first actual scroll made to order including calligraphy and illumination. I went with an Italian style, after an original from the 1460’s since the receiver of the AoA seemed to have an Italian name.

AoA for Dina de la Planta given on March 1, AS 37 (CE 2003)

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the fourth

My fourth scroll, shading all done My fourth scroll, which Gro Torstensdotter has done the calligraphy for. We were trying to make some blank scrolls to fill in and hand out as and when needed, so she did the calligraphy for an AoA and asked me to to the illumination. I immediately knew what I wanted to do, since I’d spent some time drooling over these gorgeous scrolls with the acanthus leaves.

This scroll was a blank which was eventually given out at Doublewars XVI (2003) to Gyrid Stenkilsdotter, now known as Emoni de la Fère.

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the third

Illumination number 3, all finished As a third illumination and calligraphy work I figured I might as well actually do some calligraphy. Since I was talking to a person online who wanted a scroll made, just for fun (yes, I’m that nice) I said OK.

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the second

Illumination number 2, stage 3, with the D My second illumination project is after an original from around 1350-60. I started on this one because someone had written in to a fellow scribe requesting a scroll in that style with flowers but no people nor animals.

Read more about this project.


Illumination, the first

My first experiment with illumination For my first bit of illumination I took the first cool image I saw in one of the books that the Aros Scriptorium owns and copied off that one. It was not too complicated but still would end up looking nice. I got some praise for it so I’ve decided that it came out rather well, call me conceited.
The finished product looks something like this, although I did add some white highlights in the green border to make it look like nice frolicking foliage.

As mentioned I did not get much data on my first work, so this is it for my premier scroll.



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