When I joined the SCA I looked for groups that did things together. I found the Dragon Needle Embroidery Guild, and its badge. I decided that I should make a that badge as the first thing. Then I tried a few beading experiments that didn’t go very well. However, quite quickly after those stuttering steps I found blackwork embroidery. And Oh My! I was in love. I have also made some early attempts at chain stitch and laid work, which never amounted to much, but became useful items.

Drachenwald Broiderer's Guild Patch

Cotton floss on cotton cloth. 2002

First attempts at blackwork. This became a handkerchief. 2003

First attempts at beading. 2003


Nordmark needlebooks. 2006


Drachenwald needlebooks. 2006

Counted Thread Embroideries

Thus began my great passion for counted thread embroidery. One of the most important things for me when I start a new project is that it has some practical purpose. Doing embroidery for the sake of embroidery will likely result in projects that are never finished (see the guild patch and beaded piece above). However, when there is a clearly defined goal and purpose to embroidery, I can get very caught up in it. This realization made me search for techniques I could incorporate in my garb. I settled upon blackwork.

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