The Cloak

February 2003

I made myself a very warm cloak as my first large item of clothing. It’s a three-quarter circle cloak made from black wool (bought at IKEA) lined with a slubby black and white linen which I got cheap from the remnant bins. I cut the material out into three separate quarter circles and stitched wool and lining together on two of those pieces. The last one I cut in half, so I can use that seam between these parts and the others as a natural place to put in armslits, along the green lines in this sketch. Call this Plan B. Plan A was to just put the three quarter circles together along the blue lines in the same sketch, but I really liked the idea of armslits at the time, a decision I have regretted since. I bought a nice clasp (pardon the drugged expression) as a means of closure and to look pretty. More photos can be found among my google photos. At Double Wars 2005 I sold this cloak, so it is no longer in my possession.


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