Summer Survival Clothes


Since Cudgel and Visby 2014 showed me, in no uncertain terms, that I have very few clothes suitable for 30+ degrees temperatures, and global warming is a thing, I seriously need to make a plan to deal with summer events in this sort of heat.

Visby 2014 Temperatures

Temperatures in Visby, week 32 (Medieval Week) 2014

Helwig gave me and her other apprentices this as an assignment, but I never managed to fulfill the brief (unlike Isabetta who shines in this category). Maybe now, with two miserably hot events and the goal to go to Pennsic I will actually do something about it.

List of items I already own to deal with this sort of weather:

  1. Chemises and smocks, a too-small number, that needs fixing
  2. One pair of silk shorts to keep thigh-1 far away from thigh-2 (need one more)
  3. One pair of linen breeches for above purpose (need more)
  4. Two pairs of almost dead knee-high stockings thin enough not to roast me (needs replacing)
  5. Light blue 16th C linen kirtle (less ideal thanks to side lacings which I need help doing up)
  6. Gothic Army Dress (green linen is splotchy and mis-coloured, also laced – needs replacing)
  7. Green short sleeved laced thin wool gown (needs to be put to rest and replaced)
  8. Dark blue Herjolfsnes short sleeved linen gown (loses all appeal on consideration of its weight and general tent-ish-ness of appearance)

Soo, basically one dress (#5). That’s less than ideal. I could just make a roman peplos, but I doubt I would feel pretty or dressed in that, so chances would be low that I’d actually wear it. The linen Herjolfsnes dress is one option, except I feel like a tent in it, and it’s also heavy and dark blue. I have a couple of really old dresses, which could be pressed into service as summer gowns, but I’d feel ashamed to wear them as clothes rather than as historical artifacts (I wore a green linen dress at Double Wars as part of the Nordmark 30 years-wear your first garb-thing)

I have headwear to suit, coifs, veils, straw hats etc. Shoes, I have covered. All the in-between: not so much.


With the goal to make it to Pennsic, I need to create a wardrobe that can sustain me there, or at future heat-wave events in the local area. The above inventory will guide me as a start to make the plan.

On the blog here I will be posting about this throughout the year (hopefully) and you can find them with the category tag Summer Survival Clothes