A&S 50 Challenge – Breadth

A&S 50 Challenge – Breadth

My Challenge

For myself, I do not believe I can concentrate enough for a Depth challenge, so I will go with the second option of breadth to equip myself as best I can in my two main periods of interest which are around the year 1410, and Tudor era England, around the 1560s.
And so, I start the lists, separated by period.

1410 style

  1. Wool Mittens, August 2007
  2. A Pair of sewn hose, September 2007
  3. A period style centre-pole, hub & spoke pavilion, August 2007
  4. Small pilgrim’s scrip, feast gear bag, January 2008
  5. Green short-sleeved kirtle, July 2009
  6. Orange/Blue long-sleeved gown, Mathilde fitted, July 2009
  7. Working apron, honeycomb smocked, October 2009
  8. Blue brocade GFD based on my Mathilde pattern, January 2013
  9. Checked wool Herjolfsnes Camp Setup dress, July 2013
  10. Bling belt with bronze mounts, May 2014
  11. A st Bridget coif, July 2014
  12. White linen chemise, with green initial, July 2014
  13. Green wool hood lined with wool, October 2014

Tudor style

  1. Wool quarter-circle petticoat skirt, September 2007
  2. White linen sture shirt, November 2007
  3. Petticoat skirt, brocade and linen, November 2007
  4. Blackwork embroidered collar and cuffs, July 2007
  5. Splendor Solis Kirtle, January 2008
  6. Tall hat for a Lady, January 2008
  7. Assissi embroidered apron, January 2008
  8. Waistcoat / Laton jacket, June 2008
  9. Yardcloth, headwrap, September 2008
  10. White linen sture shirt, type 3, November 2008
  11. Red petticoat, November 2008
  12. White linen shirt, embroidered at collar and cuffs, for Queen Cecilia, December 2008
  13. Pair of white linen breeches, embroidered around waist and legs, for Queen Cecilia, February 2009
  14. Brocade petticoat skirt for Florentine gown, May 2009
  15. Embroidered Forehead cloth …
  16. …and matching Coif, for Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter’s Laurel vigil, June 2009
  17. Golden brocade kirtle, June 2009
  18. Plain white forehead cloth and coif, August 2010
  19. Turkish morning gown from Alcega, October 2010
  20. Grey wool quarter circle petticoat skirt, November 2010
  21. Grey wool Layton style jacket with green buttons, January 2011
  22. Redworked high-necked shirt, September 2011
  23. Grey knitted flat cap, September 2011
  24. Red knitted flat cap, September 2011
  25. Light weight wool yardcloth, hemstitched all around, March 2012
  26. Black velvet gown, March 2012
  27. A new simple coif, September 2012
  28. White wool kirtle with green silk trim, November 2012
  29. A suite of double-layered ruffs, collar and cuffs, November 2012
  30. Embroidered napkin dripping with laurel wreaths for court tears, September 2013
  31. Black wool 1570s gown based on Gnagy’s bodice draft, March 2014
  32. A suite of ruffs, collar and cuffs, March 2014
  33. Green wool Layton style jacket (replacing the grey)
  34. Embroidered cushion, crimson with seeblatts and leaves, November 2015
  35. High-necked smock, of handwoven linen, April 2016
  36. Red silk petticoat skirt, May 2016
  37. Loose kirtle of linen and green silk, with sleeves, June 2016
Total # projects finished: 60
Total # projects to go: 0


The A&S 50 Challenge was started on May 1, 2007, A.S. 42, by Lady Albreda Aylese in the East Kingdom as a way to grow as an artisan in the SCA. The goal is doing 50 things in the Arts and Sciences between May 1st AS 42 (2007) and May 1st AS 50 (2015), in honour of the SCA’s 50th Birthday. The Challenge is a chance to develop skills and learn more about what interests you in a non-competitive, community-based environment.

The Three Challenges

The Depth Challenge –
50 of any one type of thing, in order to push your skills and knowlege to new levels (how broadly you define this is up to you)
The Breadth Challenge –
do/make/learn 50 new and different things (how new, and how different is up to you/your group), or,
The Persona Challenge –
making/learning 50 different things that your persona would know, have, or know how to do

For more in depth information about the Challenge, from the creator, go to http://artsandsciences50.org/. To officially join the challenge, you must sign up to the Yahoo! group, and enter your information in the Database: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AandS50ChallengeCommunity/.


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