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.. added to the Scrolls page!

A couple of weeks ago Mistress Bridget, the awesome inspiration, posted pictures of a scroll she did with peacock feathers, and a day or so after that I got the assignment to do a scroll for the most colourful lady I know. The two concepts became one and I had to do it.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time and no time to really practice, so I jumped in with both feet, dug out the largest scrap piece of vellum (sent to me by Bridget – thank you very much), which was barely enough to give me an original sized page, and with the awesome bronze powder (sent to me by Bridget who was an awesome cheer-leading squad all of her own – thank you very much again) and some sepia ink I got to work. The shiny shimmery highligts and feathers are done with bronze powder, mixed with gum arabic and water, also generously sent to me by Bridget (thank you for a third time).

I am fairly happy with it, and might even consider trying the squished bug borders just because this was kind of fun, even though never found the style appealing before.

The text was in Latin which I needed help with (thank you Countess Aryanhwy). It is about the shortest text I’ve ever done, but there wasn’t room for much more. Basically it reads:

Sven and Siobhan, Prince and Princess of Nordmark to Isabetta del Verde; greetings. We offer you admission into the Order of Light of Nordmark. Done this 13th day of December anno societatis 49.

Added photo

I updated the page for scrolls with the latest one I finished that was given out.

I took a commission for October Crown Tourney, a Lindquistringe (Drachenwald service award) and because I like it went with my favourite original MS Digby 36 at the Bodleian for the style.

However, I looked a little more closely at the original after I had inked the borders and realized that I have done some personalizations with the style, adding much more curves, and changing the ratio of different leaf shapes in the borders. I’m using the same colours, and so on, but there is definitely a change from the original. I don’t mind it, as I like the way it turns out, but I might try something in the future closer to the source. Unless, as the last couple of things I’ve taken on are showing, I will go with entirely different styles of scrolls for a bit.

I’m currently working on a pair of scrolls in landscape orientation, more document-style than illuminated page.

Anyway, check out the updated scrolls page!

Also, at Crown Tourney, where this Lindquistringe scroll was handed out, their Majesties also called me up to receive the Lindquistringe! I was entirely surprised and so honoured. A new scroll (by Mistress Bridget – squee!) to frame for me. Hurray.

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