Intarsia galore

Last fall and this spring I took part in a major project to re-create two intarsia coverlets that are displayed in the Historiska Museum in Stockholm. It was a project started by Maria Neijman and Amica Sundström. There was a grand opening and unveiling of the two resulting textiles at the museum, where you can go from the extant originals to our copies and see how they might have appeared when new. I made one square on the Dalhem cover (the one in the foreground – photo by Jonas Evertsson). You can see them on display there until July.

Maria and Amica have written a summary of the project on their blog: Historical Textiles


Exercises for calligrapher

I got linked to a blog today, with some excellent exercises for calligraphy:

He is also the guy who has posted an amazing and in-depth look on how to use the AMES guide for ruling lines:

The Pensive Pen, as the blog is called, is filled with lots of awesome tutorials and tips, so well worth a browse.

“Medeltida textilier kontra moderna tyger”- Inköpsställen


A list of nice retailers of textiles, yarns, threads etc for historical stitching, compiled my Maria Neijman.

För alla er som var på föreläsningen på Gotlands fornsal i Visby, och alla andra som kan vara intresserade, här är listorna!


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Obs! Hos alla handlare ovan finns det massor med olika garner/tyger- inte alla garner/tyger passar medeltiden. Köp prover först! På så sätt slipper du överraskningar i annorlunda färg, grovlek osv.


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