Week 2 2017 – crafts update

So in order to keep track of things, here’s a post of what I did this week, crafts wise.

In preparation for sewing circle I ripped out the skirt and sleeves of my unfinished Spanish late 15th C gown. The plan was to get it re-fitted and measure out where to set in the skirt, which I got help with by Helwig. The skirt is not re-attached by hand – whipstitching it with buttonhole silk.

I’ve also continued hemming my wool Roman gown. It’s not a big task, it’s not a difficult task, but it’s slow going because I sew with wool using a reproduction brass needle. It’s lovely and tactile to work with, but I have to go carefully.

In other new, I’ve been talking to my household and working on a household badge (Per pale indented sable semy of seeblatts inverted argent and vert mullety argent), which I sent in to Edelweiss today. Hopefully it will go through without problem, as I asked Anna de Byxe to check it for me to start.

Entirely modern, I finally stitched on reflexive tape on windbreaker bottoms. I use the flexy reflective armbands on my arms, but they’re too small to fit around my windbreaker bottoms, so I’ve been planning to sew on a strip of reflex tape there for ages. This week I remembered it, when I was in town, with time to look for it in the fabric store, and I put it on the leg by machine.


Household news

At Festivalo de Caderas in Gotvik on October 22, an contract between me as Laurel and Lady Tece de Kaxtone as apprentice was signed and witnessed and indented with much ceremony. We did this right after Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter took Baroness Aleydis van Wilvoorden as her newest apprentice.

Household - de Thornegge

Silwa, Lia and Tece at Festivalo de Caderas, 2016
Household de Thornegge

The contract between me and Tece was Tece’s first task as she started her trial year in 2015 at Festivalo. She did the research and decided if she wanted a contract or not, and what it should contain. She to make payments to me yearly in “a bottell of good odiferous lively wine” and me to teach her and provide her with materials to practice her art, and upon completion present her with a reciprocal bottle of bubbly and a pair of shears.

At the signing I gave Tece cabbage from my vigil gown project, being white wool and green velvet, and a tailor’s clapper for pressing fabric. I was supposed to take back my old green belt, which by now is tradition for my apprentices to wear for one year to start with before they get their own belt to keep, but since there were plans afoot the belt “got lost in the mail” and was not at Festivalo to be given.

At Kingdom University in West Dragoningshire, at Ufton Court on November 11, a whole bunch of us arrived on site in a minivan and there was a great rushing to set up a vigil space, conspire with their majesties, scarf down a paltry dinner before an “impromptu” Friday night court where I told Tece she would be getting her belt. She did get her belt, and I took back my old one, and after putting the belt on her I immediately addressed her concerning aspects of peerage, their Majesties called up the rest of the Order of the Laurel and we led my apprentice off to vigil.

I’m still a little amazed I managed to put in contacts, put up my hair, eat something, set up the vigil space and conspire with their majesties and various others before the court on Friday. I had excellent help of course, and could not have been able to do it without Silwa and Genevieve.

Mistress Lia and Mistress Tece

Mistress Lia and Mistress Tece de Kaxtone, baby Laurel of Drachenwald, at Kingdom University, 2016

Anyway, the vigil went well, and the rest of the event went well, and I managed to deliver my speech well enough that it was heard, and that it was meaningful to more people than just Tece and myself. The other worthies’ words were well-delivered, and Their Majesties Agnes and Morales were excellent as always. The scroll, my gods, the scroll by Mistress Melisende was gorgeous and fantastic.

So, in short. I had two apprentices that were no longer on a trial basis for three weeks, now I have one apprentice and a former apprentice who is now a Laurel in her own right, but the household and family we created is not going to go away anytime soon.

I made a bunch of stuff for the event, as gifts and such, but that will be another post I think.