Week 2 2017 – crafts update

So in order to keep track of things, here’s a post of what I did this week, crafts wise.

In preparation for sewing circle I ripped out the skirt and sleeves of my unfinished Spanish late 15th C gown. The plan was to get it re-fitted and measure out where to set in the skirt, which I got help with by Helwig. The skirt is not re-attached by hand – whipstitching it with buttonhole silk.

I’ve also continued hemming my wool Roman gown. It’s not a big task, it’s not a difficult task, but it’s slow going because I sew with wool using a reproduction brass needle. It’s lovely and tactile to work with, but I have to go carefully.

In other new, I’ve been talking to my household and working on a household badge (Per pale indented sable semy of seeblatts inverted argent and vert mullety argent), which I sent in to Edelweiss today. Hopefully it will go through without problem, as I asked Anna de Byxe to check it for me to start.

Entirely modern, I finally stitched on reflexive tape on windbreaker bottoms. I use the flexy reflective armbands on my arms, but they’re too small to fit around my windbreaker bottoms, so I’ve been planning to sew on a strip of reflex tape there for ages. This week I remembered it, when I was in town, with time to look for it in the fabric store, and I put it on the leg by machine.


More kneeling pad progress

I am now almost finished with the embroidery on the second kneeling pad for my Principality. All the backgrounds are filled in as well as the borders. The only thing left is the shade on all of the leaves of the wreath. Each leaf is done with the two tones of yellow and I am also alternating the directionality of the stitches so when the lighter shade goes from left to right, the darker goes right to left and vice versa.

wpid-2015-01-08-11.10.10.png.pngThe next update on this project will hopefully be of the finished pad.

ps. Stupid image wouldn’t attach when I made the post on my phone. Added now. Also, just finished off the last stitches on the pad today, Friday January 9th.

New badge registered

wpid-2014-11-05-08.24.07.png.pngSo, the badge that I’ve been using since before I registered my device is now also registered. It was on the September LoAR:

(Fieldless) A seeblatt inverted within and conjoined to an annulet argent.

So my seeblatt, with the point up inside a circle, so that the point and the two lobes at the bottom touch the circle. I made an original at Hägnan (Frostheims yearly demo-event) one year and cast it on site in bronze. Unfortunately the bronze example got lost in the mail, but I also got a silver version done, which I’ve been wearing as a mundane necklace ever since.

I have for the last year or so been using this on all my feast gear, to mark it as mine, but I shall be stepping that up a bit, so all of my stuff is marked with my badge, which is what it is for, and why I registered it.

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