Lengberg bra patterning. A dress diary

Since I finished the ray cloth last week, and I want to use it to make a new outfit, it is finally time for me to get going on the Lengberg bra that I have been wanting to do since the finds were published (Nutz, McNealy & Case, 2017).

I recently purchased some very cheap cotton sheeting, to be used for toiles, so I cut out a first attempt basing it on an old bodice pattern. Then I cut out holes in the front. Let me tell you, trying that on was a sight … not for public consumption.

I did a couple of iterations, then I took my parts to the shire crafts and potluck day this past Saturday and got some input from Meisterinne Renike Tucher, who has made several variants herself already.

Following the input (larger holes, make them slightly pear shaped, don’t lose too much fabric in the back supporting the sides, larger cups) I then cut out a new toile on Sunday and tried it on. I stitched it very quickly on the machine, so I had some strange tensions around the cups. I made a couple of adjustments and iterations and I ended up with a paper pattern that I believe will work. Now I need to cut it out of linen and start stitching. I will be handsewing this – the seams are very short and I have much more control over the whole process that way.


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