Playing with the progress shots

I’ve been taking pictures of the Crimson Cushion fairly frequently – in fact every time I finish one motif thing I try to take a picture. It was Edricus’ idea to take pictures and animate them to display the progress. This is the progress up to today:



Crimson silk cushion – update

wpid-20150118_194458.jpgI think I’ve named the latest embroidery project “the crimson cushion” because of the red silk background. So anyway, I’ve been working diligently at it ever since I started, and this is the state of the work this evening. The height is 23 cm and with these four repeats it is about 9 cm wide. I want it to be about 40 cm so that’s at least 12 columns more I have to do.


Cushion to start – that was not the plan

There is a cushion at Hardwick Hall, detailed in Santina Levey’s “The Embroideries at Hardwick Hall“, which I have drooled over many times before (pictured here). Now that the Nordmark Kneeling Pads are finished, I thought I might make myself a cushion for use at events, and I want it to be unequivocally mine, so somehow incorporating my arms in the design.

lia_cushion_startMy thought was to use the same materials, that is to say a very coarse hemp ground cloth and wool yarn (Nm 8/2), that I used on the kneeling pads. It would be quick, easy, practical and all things wooly and warm. Instead I read the details on the cushion in the book, rummaged through my stash of linen and pulled out a cut much much finer than the hemp, and my silk floss which I acquired last summer. The red is a luscious, scrumtious, deliciously deep red, which is basically what the original has. Done with long-armed cross stitch going up and down to cover the background. Sprinkled on the background on the original is oak leaves, on my cushion there will be seeblätter and laurel leaves. I was going to put my coat of arms in the centre, on top of all those seeblätter and leaves, but again the cushion at Hardwick has only the leaves in regimental lines.

So, there will be a cushion for me to sit on, worked with crimson silk, with green leaves and white seeblätter all over it, you know, eventually.

Working with the silk I need a much smaller needle than I have been using for the wool, but I only had sharps for this size – so I had to use the little needle-sharpening stone I bought at Cudgel War two years ago. It worked just as well to take the point off the needle, which will help me keep from splitting the thread while I’m working the long-armed cross stitch.

I might also just do one in wool, on the hemp, with my arms in the middle as well. You know. Eventually.

More kneeling pad progress

I am now almost finished with the embroidery on the second kneeling pad for my Principality. All the backgrounds are filled in as well as the borders. The only thing left is the shade on all of the leaves of the wreath. Each leaf is done with the two tones of yellow and I am also alternating the directionality of the stitches so when the lighter shade goes from left to right, the darker goes right to left and vice versa.

wpid-2015-01-08-11.10.10.png.pngThe next update on this project will hopefully be of the finished pad.

ps. Stupid image wouldn’t attach when I made the post on my phone. Added now. Also, just finished off the last stitches on the pad today, Friday January 9th.

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