Embroidery, take 2 Nordmark Kneeling Pillow

Two years ago I worked on a large-scale embroidery to make up a pair of kneeling pillows for my Principality. One was finished summer 2012, and presented as an A&S project at the Coronet Tourney this year (May 2014). I just started on the second one, and it is hypnotic to watch it grow down, like loading a gif in the old days on a slow modem. Line by line the long armed cross stitches cover the ground.

The ground fabric is hemp, and the embroidery is done with wool, dyed by Lady Åsa vävare. There are two shades of the yellow, so the scrolls along the edges are alternately done, so the one “underneath” is done in the slightly darker shade.

This is the first shot and the progress so far:

Beginning the second pillow

Beginning the second pillow

Progress as of 3/12 2014

Progress as of 3/12 2014


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