Scribal goodness to come

Been working away at scribal assignments left, right and center. I finished one yesterday, which I’ve now sent off to be included in the fleur-de-lis shaped book which made up a laurelling scroll.

It was a fairly special bit of work, as it was my first Drachenwald Queen EzaBella Allyot who was being elevated. Unfortunately I did not manage to finish it in time for it to be included at the time of her elevation, but I had the design already figured out in my mind. It just took me a while to actually get it down on the page, then it took even longer for me to work up the courage to try the new hand which was used in the original which this manuscript was based on. Once I got over my own fears I steamed on ahead and finished one page. That is to say a recto and a verso side of one page in the book. On the front I wrote my message to EzaBella, and on the back I filled the entire page with illumination.

I don’t want to post photos before she has had a chance to see it, so I can’t share yet.

I am also working again on my big conscience piece, which is Mistress Helwig’s Laurel scroll. I’m just petrified of making a mistake on that, and so each time is a large hurdle I have to drag myself over in order to get any progress done. It is nearing completion though.

Then I’m working on a new tiny scroll which is inspired by Mistress Bridget’s work which was given out at Norrskensfesten in Frostheim a few weeks ago. She had made a tiny jewel of a scroll with shimmering peacock feathers on it, after a page in a Book of Hours from the Master of the Book of Hours of Mary of Burgundy. It looked like so much fun that I wanted to try the same style, and Bridget, being the person she is, helped me enormously and even sent me supplies to be able to create that ethereal shimmer. Now it’s just down to me to execute the style with enough competence to not waste good materials. I’m doing this on a piece of parchment, which I also got as an off-cut from Bridget. The original is tiny, and I am using the same basic measurements. Books of Hours were small enough for the owner to be able to carry them all day long.

All this flurry of activity will result in me being able to show you photos after Christmas – I think.


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