New badge registered

wpid-2014-11-05-08.24.07.png.pngSo, the badge that I’ve been using since before I registered my device is now also registered. It was on the September LoAR:

(Fieldless) A seeblatt inverted within and conjoined to an annulet argent.

So my seeblatt, with the point up inside a circle, so that the point and the two lobes at the bottom touch the circle. I made an original at H├Ągnan (Frostheims yearly demo-event) one year and cast it on site in bronze. Unfortunately the bronze example got lost in the mail, but I also got a silver version done, which I’ve been wearing as a mundane necklace ever since.

I have for the last year or so been using this on all my feast gear, to mark it as mine, but I shall be stepping that up a bit, so all of my stuff is marked with my badge, which is what it is for, and why I registered it.


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