Coif embroidery started

Since my coif has been on the frame for a while now, last night I finally started the actual embroidery on it. I started by doing the outlines entirely in stem stitch with the new filament silk I bought at Double Wars. It’s a little wierd to work with this black thread, as compared to the other colours from the same source, as it feels much thinner, for some reason. I am using it doubled, and it doesn’t fluff out as much as the other colours did on the test-piece where I tried them out.

So, the outline: I have a solid line outlining the entire embroidery, outside of which I’m going to do a narrow hem, and then embroider over it to enable me to make up the shape with insertion stitches, basically. For the top and bottom lines I decided not to follow the drawn pattern exactly, but rather follow the threads of the ground fabric. So they are exactly on grain. I have four vertical lines at the centre back of the coif, which I will also work by following threads of the fabric. The rest is all on the diagonal and I won’t bother counting. I could have stopped and rethought my thread choice before I got too far, as I’m not entirely happy with the narrowness of the outline. But that’s a little late now.

So far: 3 hours and 20 minutes of embroidery work done.


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