Double Wars post mortem

Double Wars is the best event in Drachenwald, it’s ten days with a solid fighting and A&S schedule, plus regular parties and camping. We usually stay indoors because we don’t have a car to bring the tent and stuff, and it sometimes is a little bit early, so can be a little bit chilly.

This year I was again part of the stewards, together with Meisterinne Katheryn taking care of sign-ups and scheduling for Arts and Sciences. This year we put 58 classes on the schedule (with some classes repeating a few times). Plus organizing the Laurel Academy day on Wednesday with classes taught by Laurels in the morning, followed by a general display in the afternoon for everyone else to display their stuff and talk about their projects.

It went well above my expectations, the classes went well, and the display had 12 people there (plus one more who just put their items there but did not stay to talk to people about them) who put on really cool displays of stuff. Some were more put together than others, but it is a new concept so I was certainly not expecting perfection from anyone, which made it that much more impressive that there were a few really awesome displays. All the others were also interesting and I am so glad that there was time enough for me to sit down with everyone to talk to them about their stuff. Sitting with your arts and talking about them is the best part of doing things!

I had tokens to leave for everyone, plus one special prize for the display that wowed me the most. However, since we had twice as many displaying as I had hoped for, I am now out of tokens! And since we are running another similar day at Cudgel War, including the display, I now have to come up with something else to give out there.

As for the loot, I had brought with me three embroidery frames for sale, two had been spoken for in advance, the big slate frame by Lady Alyna, and a small L-shaped frame by Fru Þóra. The other L-shaped frame was snatched up by Lady Renike, and another wood-turned thread reel I sold to Lady AElfwynne.

I turned right around and bought up some epic loot for my profits, to start with filament silk from Baroness Mechthild of Knight’s Crossing (which I had pre-purchased via a thread on facebook, and was delivered by Baron Konrad). I have black, white, green, red, yellow and blue so all the heraldic colours – except purple. I’m going to prepare some hanks of the white to dye at Cudgel this year. Just for fun. I might attempt to get a purple.

At the market I also abought a few things: A perfect handbag basket which can easily be made into a court-basket, perfect for a bottle, a glass and camera, plus external pouch for cookies. Or with another insert become a feast gear bag that can carry all feast gear and then store a bottle of something. It is awesome.

From Kapitelhusgården I bought a couple of small ostrich plumes for my second flat cap, plus four glass-topped pins to keep them on the hat.

From a smaller merchant I bought a blue and white linen fabric which I’ll use for pillowcase and maybe some other bedlinen things. It is gorgeous, and I hope after washing it will be even more lovely. This was the only fabric I purchased, Edricus however got fabric for a couple of new 16th Century outfits.

The only other thing I bought was a small mundane gift, which I’ll send off.

I’m now at home, all my stuff is unpacked, laundry-room is bocked for Thursday and on Friday the local shire is doing the pilgrimage from the Church in the middle of town out to Old Uppsala.


5 thoughts on “Double Wars post mortem

    • Hmm, I’ve never tried dyeing. I’ll have to talk to the person running it, she’s done it a bunch of times, with similar thread. I’ll be sure to ask exactly how to prepare my silk to avoid unnecessary tangles.

      • dyeing is easy, its exactly like making chicken stock, but I’d start with wools and plied silks as they behave better in the pot. filament might work a little easier for an indigo or woad bath, but its terrible flighty stuff

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