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socks-n-shoesSo this month is going pretty nicely for me, today I’ve taken delivery of my birthday present from last year. My in-laws left it up to my lord to make the purchase and I’d just posted about a particular pair of shoes, so he put in a pre-order. They were scheduled for delivery in March, as they were a completely new type of shoe, American Duchess’ Signature Collection shoe: The Stratford, Designed by Francis Classe. The shoes are manufactured in China, but they only started production when they had enough pre-orders to warrant it, and I’m so glad I got in early because they are beautiful!

The next event I’m going to will be Drachenwald Spring Crown Tourney in Polderslot, and I will have an all new outfit! I put in an ‘order’ with my mother (who knits) for a pair of woolen stockings knitted after the silk stockings that Eleonora di Toledo was buried in. She had some yarn left over when they were finished, so she made me a pair of fingerless gloves as well, which I showed off here earlier. This order was put in like two years ago, and finally they are done!

The shoes, the socks and the gloves will be completed with the new gown, which is close to finished. I have to attach the last bit of the skirt, level the hem, and then cut, sew and attach sleeves, and add miles of satin tape trim. I’ll be black and red and all decked out in shiny new things! I am totally spoiled.


Lesson about cloister stitch…

In order for me to make cloister stitch neat looking I need gridlines.

I first drew up just the directional lines to keep my laid threads in the same direction throughout. Then I found that in order to not have to turn the piece over every couching stitch I have to add lines for those as well. So basically I drew directly on the background fabric and follow those lines. Speeds up the stitching considerably and helps keep things even very nicely.

A proper attempt at klosterstitch

So the last time I tried cloister stitch (or klosterstitch) I used wool.  This time I am working with silk. The method is to lay one long strand across the background and then couch it down on the return journey following the twist of the thread. I am hoping that this will be prettier than my last attempt.

Cloisterstitch in silk

I am also doing some chain stitch on the same piece. It’s turning out nice. The full effect to be revealed in a month or so :)


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