The difference the right thread makes


The other day when I was working on my bodice I only had sewing thread but I wanted to be able to try it on. So today I restocked on buttonhole floss and did the work over again. Looks so much better and the experience is so much nicer.


Sewing Circle Saturday

So yesterday was second official sewing circle of the year, or maybe it was the third. Anyway, last time myself and Helwig drafted up new bodice patterns following the measurement technique posted by Matthew Gnagy to the Elizabethan Costume group on facebook.

We drafted the pattern, and made toiles. Yesterday we took the toiles and patterns and cut out new dresses for me in black wool, for her in burgundy silk. I intend to make it again, properly, in silk, once I’ve tried out this pattern in an every-day gown out of wool.

This is all in line with our project to make English gowns in 1575. My main inspiration is this portrait of Countess Kildare, and Helwig is working to this green and this red gown. We also got Isabetta to start this project along with us, and she’ll be working to this red gown, because she has an orange silk brocade which will be perfect as the middle layer.

Second post – five years in the making

2009/07 is when I started this experimental blog. I never did anything with it, because I got space for my site with my internet provider, but I’ve not updated that page for a good long while either.

Maybe, if I start up this one properly it will make it easier for me to add new things.


Or maybe I’ll let this space rot for another five years?

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