Lengberg bra patterning. A dress diary

Since I finished the ray cloth last week, and I want to use it to make a new outfit, it is finally time for me to get going on the Lengberg bra that I have been wanting to do since the finds were published (Nutz, McNealy & Case, 2017). I recently purchased some very cheap... Continue Reading →

New weaving project page!

Since I finished the weaving of my ray cloth I have now put together a page describing the project and slotted it into the structure here on the page. Check it out: Ray cloth - black and green

Ray cloth: slow going

It's been a while now since I got my ray cloth warp on the loom, but it's slow going. I have just over 2 metres woven at this point, and I have had opportunity to ponder why this is. One thing was that I still do not have the spangles, they're not made yet. This... Continue Reading →

Ray cloth: We have lift off!

I wrote about a project on this blog almost exactly one year ago: New project being planned-rays. I bought thread and did some sampling the month after, then bought the full amount of wool (11/1 from Garnhuset i Kinna). I also purchased some white silk from a German manufacturer, Stoff Connexion, not the same one... Continue Reading →

Hopping on TikTok

The happening new platform is TikTok, so popular now that instagram and youtube are trying to look just like it. Probably a sign of its decline, so the perfect time for me to start posting over there. I had the idea to do a micro vlogging experiment of my experience at Medieval Week, so I... Continue Reading →

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