A new hope … of events to come

The weather is turning nice, and actual in person events are starting up again. With that, my enthusiasm to create something for the SCA has also awakened. I patterned an overcoat for myself, German 16th Century style with a collar and front turnbacks cut gestalt. Last year sometime we found a nice silver fake fur... Continue Reading →

Much excitement

I am getting a new loom. A properly manufactured solid wood loom with solid side pieces, an overhead mounted beater bar and a countermarch! A 100 cm Öxabäck. This is very exciting, because it means I can weave many more different varieties of cloth. It is a little bit bigger than my current one, but... Continue Reading →

Birka twill begins

My proposed draft and tie-up. If I start shuttling from the left it should work. After some deliberations and my test-weaving I decided to go ahead with the Birka twill project. The draft is an asymmetrical broken point twill. The warp is threaded in 10 ends for one diagonal and 8 ends for the opposite... Continue Reading →

Cotton disappointment

Weaving with cotton yarns, after having worked with all wool, linen and silk, was not the experience I wanted. I tried the double width technique, and successfully wove a piece which could fold out double, and which I then wove three tubes out of to sew up into bags. The technique will enable me to... Continue Reading →

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